Carrier Pail With Lid Series

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Product Description

Code: 4004WC
Size: (D) 300mm (11.8") x (H) 310mm (12.2")
Bottom Ext Size: (D) 225mm (8.9")
Capacity: Approx 4 Gal/ 15 Litres

Code: 6006WC
Size: (D) 370mm (14.6") x (H) 370mm (14.6")
Capacity: Approx Litres

Code: 8008WC
Size: (D) 415mm (16.3") x (H) 430mm (16.9")
Bottom Ext Size: (D) 315mm (12.4")
Capacity: Approx 8 Gal/ 30 Litres

Code: 9009WC
Size: (D) 485mm (19.1") x (H) 455mm (17.9")
Bottom Ext Size: (D) 380mm (15")
Capacity: approx 12 Gal/ 45 Litres


  • Come with cover
  • Strong handle