Pedal Bin (ST Series)

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Product Description

Code: STPB 13

External Size: (W) 320mm (12.6") x (D) 240mm (9.4") x (H) 380mm (15")
Internal Size: (W) 280mm (11") x (D) 210mm (8.3") x (H) 300mm (11.8")
Internal Btm: (W) 255mm (10") x (D) 180mm (7.1")
Capacity: 13 Litres

Code: STPB 20

External Size: (W) 375mm (14.8") x (D) 280mm (11") x (H) 440mm (17.3")
Internal Size: (W) 335mm (13.2") x (D) 250mm (9.8") x (H) 370mm (14.6")
Internal Btm: (W) 300mm (11.8) x (D) 220mm (8.7")
Capacity: 20 Litres


  • Simple step action to make it easy to operate
  • Stylish design, assorted colours
  • Tight fitting cover - prevents odors and bacteria from escaping