10-in-1 Clothes Hanger (Code: 911)

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10-in-1 Clothes Hanger (Code: 911)
Product Description

Fully Open Size: 590mm (23.2") X 395mm (15.5") X (H) 450mm (17.7")

Folded Size: 260mm (10.2") X 395mm (15.5") X (H) 530mm (20.9")

Vertical Hanging Size: 770mm (30.3") X 395mm (15.5") X (H) 350mm (13.8")


  • 2 different modes of hanging your clothes
  • Keep your clothes straight and tidy
  • Sizable gap between hangers to prevent clothes touching each other
  • Can be folded when not in use
  • 10 hangers with angle adjustment
  • Hanging base can be rotated to any angle to fit different areas
  • Strong hangers on top and side
Colour: Assorted (Subject to Stock Availability)