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Sengtat - Your Solution for the Perfect Plastic Containers in Malaysia

Seng Tat Marketing Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysia's plastic supplier of plastic products, plastic wares, plastic containers Malaysia, plastic pallets, plastic packaging, plastic bins, plastic boxes, redid plastic containers Malaysia and so forth. We supply plastic products which are appropriate for industrial use in Malaysia. Seng Tat advertises and appropriates broad lines of plastic products including industrial plastic pallets and household plastic containers Malaysia across the nation. We offer a gigantic choice with a reasonable cost on plastic products. In short we can be your total hotspot for almost anything plastic and help you with our involvement in plastic assembling. Seng Tat Marketing Sdn. Bhd's. vision is to wind up plainly a market pioneer with entrepreneurial soul and responsibility regarding improving individuals' way of life with inventive plastic products.

Seng Tat has been assembling plastic products and plastic wares for a long time. We step foot into the universe of coordinations subsequently of our octant advancement on plastic products. Seng Tat has created pair with market prerequisites for a wide range of plastic products for capacity application mostly lightweight plastic pallet, medium and heavy duty pallets, general rackable pallet or beam racking pallets, reusable and food grade pallets.

In the event that you are searching for durable and strong plastic containers, you have come to the ideal place. We offer assortments of plastic containers for you to look over, that we are sure we have the correct one only for you. Our plastic containers are made of superb plastic materials, charged at a moderate value so everyone can appreciate the extravagance. Our plastic containers come in various sizes and measurements, and could likewise be exceptionally shaped for your particular industrial employments.

Plastic pallets are formed of premium quality polyethylene with high density and thickness evaluations. Our plastic pallets are sturdy, ready to withstand weights from steam and cooler operations. It arrives in an assortment of measurements and hues. Plastic pallets are ordinarily utilized as a part of basic supply, distributers, car ventures and so forth for material dealing with purposes. We ensure our plastic pallets are strong for tedious utilization in overwhelming industrial applications. The plastic pallet is manufactured utilizing one piece shaping innovation to enhance strength. These are basic decision among forklifts and hand truck dealing with. They are treated with additional against slip elastic cushioning, settling on them the ideal decision for indoor utilize. They come in various sizes to meet distinctive requests and necessities.

Seng Tat has dependably been holding up solidly on household plastic wares. Our choice of premium and disposable plastic wares are certain to possess all the necessary qualities for your household kitchen wares. Regardless of whether you are up to providing catering occasions or up to expansion to your eating line our plastic wares will suit your household needs. Disposable plastic wares from our stores are all biodegradable and ecological agreeable.

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