Malaysia Plastic Products Supplier

Seng Tat is a Malaysia's supplier of extensive range of different plastic packaging containers products for commercial and industrial use in Malaysia. Our huge plastic products includes plastic containers, plastic pallets, plastic wares, plastic bins, plastic crates, plastic industrial box, plastic packaging, etc. Plastic has endless benefits over traditional materials, such as mold ability, cost, durability, weight etc. This is the main reason why plastic products has gained tremendous traction in recent years in Malaysia. Plastic can be molded into different forms and shapes, serving different purposes. They can be fabricated into pallets, containers, furniture, fittings, bins and many more.

We aim to bring plastic products supplies across industrial and consumer sectors, catering to all possible market segments. From industrial plastic containers and plastic packaging products such as plastic crates to home plastic bins, Seng Tat has it all covered. With decades of research and expertise in plastic products supplies, we ensure that all plastic products are delivered with best of qualities. Plastics are very light in nature, but packs huge amount of strength and durability. The dedication throughout the years in supplying plastic products has earned us some of the most sophisticated fabrication process, and also reputation from various industries in Malaysia. Browse our product gallery with confidence.

Seng Tat offers quality and choices. Our plastic products are built with thicker walls for better durability, and insist on using only virgin material to make sure the finished product is odorless. Our plastic moulding makes use of one piece injection mould with no gaps and joints. We also take the effort in offering wide selection for our plastic containers, plastic pallets and other plastic products, from colour to dimensions and designs. We provide the most innovative yet beautiful designs in our plastic products line up. Our plastic products pack a lot of unique features and are definitely a beauty to look at.