Storage Drawer, Code: CL293

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Product Description

Size: 266mm (10.47") X 220mm (8.7") X (H) 176mm (6.9")

Drawer size: 100mm (3.9") X 183mm (7.2") X (H) 155mm (6.1")

Packing quantity: 1 bundle X 1 unit


  • 2 large drawers next to each other
  • Interchangable drawer position
  • Stylish design, fits any occassions
  • Removable drawers with handle and tag placement
  • Strong frame and drawer structure
  • With rubber feet at bottom to reduce scratches on surface
  • Suitable for home, office and domestic use.
  • Contents: Max temp: 120C, min temp: -20C
Colour: Frost Blue only.