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Short History Of Plastic Packaging And Its Benefits

Plastic has been around for almost two centuries, and we can now see plastic packaging everywhere around us: plastic ketchup bottles, lunch cases, hygienic and smart packaging solutions and so forth. The growing concerns surrounding the safety of the flora and fauna have determined numerous plastic packaging Malaysia manufacturers to change their strategy and to focus more on products that are slightly more friendly with the environment, and that are also biodegradable.

From smart phones to air bags and garbage bags, plastic is everywhere these days; versatile, volatile, cost-effective and extremely practical at the same time, this material has become indispensable to our lives. We depend on plastic nowadays, and it is entirely up to us to manage our waste in such a manner that it does not affect the surrounding environment – having said that, here is a brief overview of the history of plastic packaging, its benefits and the latest developments in the industry.

A Short History Of Plastic Packaging

The first notable development took place in the 1950s, when the first green plastic garbage bags made from polyethylene were introduced to the Canadian market. These plastic bags were very user-friendly and they were widely intended for commercial use, although their popularity has sky-rocketed so quickly that they were quickly adapted for home use as well. This marked the beginning of a new era in the plastic packaging niche and it has certainly paved the road for a variety of other significant developments. 

A few years later, the first patented zipper storage bag was introduced – these were basically sandwich and food storage bags that were specifically designed to preserve the freshness and flavor of food for an extended period of time. For more than four decades, people have been using the plastic zipper storage bags on a daily basis, and it is safe to say that this truly does make our lives easier! 

The next most important development in the plastic packaging industry took place in 1988, when the first resin identification system was introduced by the SPI, or the Society of Plastics Industry – it was also then when the resins were firstly used in packaging containers.

Flexible plastic tubes that are now commonly used for dairy have not been introduced until the 2000s – and they certainly marked the beginning of a new era in the industry. Statistically speaking, nowadays the plastic bottles have a recycling rate of almost 30%, which represents a tremendous (and very encouraging) growth. As mentioned above, people have become very environmentally-conscious, after the effects of plastics on the environment have become widely known – thankfully, more and more pounds of plastic have been recycled every year, over the past two decades. Plastic bags and bottles are not the only one that are now being recycled at a faster pace than ever before, as wraps and polyethylene bags have also achieved an encouraging recycling rate.

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Seng Tat prides itself as a reputable manufacturer and supplier of heavy duty plastic products, from customized containers and basic plastic bags to pallets and even plastic wares. The company has been operating for more than a decade – incorporated back in 2003, Seng Tat Marketing Sdn Bhd has quickly become a trusted ally for many plastic suppliers, not just in Malaysia but in the entire Asia Pacific region. That being said, the company started marketing and distributing a comprehensive line of plastic products and containers, at very affordable prices.

Seng Tat is committed to becoming a market leader, and it is willing to make people’s lives better and easier through affordable, user-friendly and revolutionary plastic solutions. The plastic wares are undoubtedly the most requested products sold by Seng Tat – made from premium materials, these disposable plastic wares can keep your food fresh and they are suitable for a variety of household needs. Versatile and biodegradable at the same time, the plastic wares by Seng Tat are friendly with the environment and they do not interfere with the flora or fauna in any way!

Besides the impressive array of plastic products mentioned above, the company also specializes n industrial cases, stackable crates and containers, tight and seal containers, vegetable crates, microwave containers, industrial baskets, food trays, laundry baskets, hand trucks and a wealth of other similar products. 

Seng Tat Marketing Sdn Bhd

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