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The Unique Features of Plastic Pallets

Plastic Pallets are gaining popularity in Malaysia especially among industrial players. Plastic Pallets come in various shapes and sizes depending on the usage. Plastic Pallets are plentiful of materials involved in the manufacturing process that ultimately affect the cost and performance of plastic pallet. The article that follows describes the unique features found among plastic pallets.

Durability is always a strong point among plastic pallets. They can last for more than 10 years if we are taking quality pallets into discussion. They are durable in a way where plastic pallets maintain the form and shape in extreme climate conditions. These are molded into one-piece, therefore there should be no worries over loose joints, screws etc. Also worth mentioning is the chemical resistance property found among plastic pallets, making them the perfect choice for industrial and laboratory uses. Plastic pallets are widely utilized in areas like automotive, pharmaceutical, beverage etc. Best of all plastic pallets are recyclable, could turn into new pallets or other similar plastic applications.

This one of the often neglected strong points for plastic pallets. Plastic pallets are literally clean, free of bugs and bacteria. That being said it could be the perfect match for cleanliness related shipments. Quarantine delays, health and safety risks, increased shipping costs can be greatly eliminated by using plastic pallets. Many agricultural and food manufacturers swear by plastic pallets for this essential reason. On top of that, plastic pallets can be easily cleaned with hot-wash, steam-cleaning or chemical sanitization.

Lightweight, easy shipment
Plastic pallets are lighter than traditional wooden pallets while still pack the same strength. The light weight property contributes largely in savings on air shipments and freights. That alone could increase returns on your investments. Plastic pallets are designed to be nest-able and stackable in order to save storage and shipment spaces. This design helps plastic pallets to be more efficient to move around in a warehouse.

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