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Useful Tips On How To Choose The Best Plastic Supplier In Malaysia

Plastics have become an important part of our daily lives, and they are in great demand – commonly used across a variety of different industries, from constructions and the automotive industry to the food industry or the marine field, plastics can truly improve the quality of our lives by preserving the freshness of foods, by protecting products and equipments from shock and dust and so forth. No matter if you own a small or medium-sized business in the plastic packaging industry and you are looking forward to creating lasting professional relationships with your plastic supplier, or if you are an independent contractor who wants to get affordable products, it is essential to pay attention to some of the most important factors that will help you develop a mutually beneficial relationship with a trustworthy and professional plastic manufacturer and supplier. 

1. Focus On A Plastic Supplier Malaysia That Uses High End Technology 

The technology used by the plastic packaging supplier can truly make or break their business, as it makes the difference between a professional-looking packaging and a rather sloppy one that looks unprofessional and that does not last barely half as much. Quality must always come before quantity, this is why the technology used by the supplier plays a pivotal role in this equation, and it should be the first thing every customer takes into account.

2. Make Sure The Supplier Offers A Variety Of Different Products 

It is imperative to make sure that your plastic supplier Malaysia company does not stick solely to one type of packaging – look for companies that offer machines/molded/stamped materials as well, and focus on those that use plastics with little to no BPA traces in them. Also, remember that some companies use UV lights or chemicals when processing their plastics, in order to make them more durable and more resistant in the long haul. 

3. Look For Suppliers That Offer More Than One Service 

It often happens that plastic packaging suppliers do not limit themselves to just one service – instead, the most reputable and professional ones are actually a one-stop solution for all your plastic requirements, and they can help you identify your business needs and implement them quickly and efficiently. Otherwise stated, it is important to look for a plastic packaging supplier that is business-oriented and that is 100% committed to helping you grow and expand your business by supplying you with high-quality, tailored packaging. 

4. Pay Attention To The Portfolio And Prices Of Each Supplier

Lastly, every good plastic packaging supplier should have a track record or a portfolio that clients can review, before they can make a decision. If you are not sure which supplier is the best one for you, then looking at the track record can really offer you a deeper insight into the products and services offered by the supplier, thus helping you get a clear image about its overall performance. Besides this, the prices should not be neglected either – look for a professional supplier that offers you discounts if you have decided to buy plastic packaging in bulk.

Seng Tat – The Leading Plastic Packaging Supplier In Malaysia

Choosing the right plastic packaging product supplier is a very difficult and time-consuming task, even if you pay attention to all the useful tips and hints mentioned above. Seng Tat Marketing Sdn Bhd is a professional plastic packaging supplier that offers containers, customized plastic packaging, pallets, wares and many other similar products, and it has been dominating the industry in Malaysia since 2003.

Seng Tat offers a huge selection of plastic products at affordable prices, and it is always looking forward to expand its products and services to the world of logistics as well – the specialists at Seng Tat know that the plastic market is very versatile and that the plastic packaging requirements are constantly changing, this is why they are always struggling to keep up with the demands by improving their product line, primarily for storage application. That being said, it must be mentioned that although Seng Tat stands out through a variety of plastic products, there are some of them that are particularly sought-after, both in Malaysia and abroad: the regular rack pallet, the recyclable food grade pallets or the lightweight/medium-duty and heavy-duty pallets are only some of them.


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