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Why Choose Our Plastic Products/ Plastic Pallets?

We have been operating in the plastic industry for decades. The foundation of our work is to provide commitment to excellence in plastic products and services we deliver. We are the leading brand name in the plastic industries, proven by our long term relationship with customers and suppliers. We continue to get driven by the integrity we have to work as partners with each.

Our extensive research and knowledge throughout the years has earned us some of the most sophisticated plastic manufacturing expertise. We also happen to be equipped with the best manufacturing machineries, which offer the latest and precise technology in plastic manufacturing.

Our plastic products are assured with the highest quality in the market, exceeding the stringent industry demands and expectations. Each and every of our plastic products are made with thicker walls. We make sure our plastic products are, made only with virgin materials, end result will be odorless plastic products for household and industrial use. We will not put our established brand name at stake by manufacturing subpar plastic quality. After 3 decades of hard work and dedication, Seng Tat now exports to high end markets like Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore etc.

Seng Tat adopts a very aggressive and innovative management system especially in our production line. The entire company pushes ourselves to make sure we will be ahead of the trend and competitors. We spend a fair amount of revenues in research and development to avoid possible imitations of our plastic line ups in the market. We have always been a leader in product designs, color variations, user friendliness and try to be environmentally responsible with an ethical business modal. We believe our perfect recipe that brought us to extents where industrial, commercial, hospital and household sectors are making use of our plastic products.

Seng Tat only settles for the best, we have huge capacity of machineries which are capable in large production lines. We deliver quality.

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