Flat Garden Pot (32 Series)

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Product Description

Code: GP3201
Size: (D) 180mm (7.1") x (H) 70mm (2.8")

Code: GP3202
Size: (D) 240mm (9.4") x (H) 90mm (3.5")

Code: GP3203
Size: (D) 300mm (11.8") x (H) 110mm (4.3")

Code: GP3204

Size: (D) 360mm (14.2") x (H) 140mm (5.5")

Code: GP3205
Size: (D) 420mm (16.5") x (H) 160mm (6.3")

Code: GP3206
Size: (D) 470mm (18.5") x (H) 180mm (7.1")

Code: GP3207
Size: (D) 535mm (21.1") x (H) 215mm (8.5")
Internal Top Diameter: 480mm (18.9")
Internal Btm Diameter: 315mm (12.4")
External Top Diameter: 535mm (21.1")
External Btm Diameter: 325mm (12.8")
Internal Height: 180mm (7.1")


  • With internal drainage reservoir
  • Natural clay texture
  • Rolled lip for extra durability
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor gardening