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Seng Tat Marketing Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysia's leading supplier of heavy duty Toyogo plastic products, plastic wares, plastic containers, plastic pallets, customized plastic containers etc. We supply plastic products which are suitable for industrial use in Malaysia. Seng Tat was incorporated in Malaysia since year 2003, acting as a marketing arm for Seng Tat Industries Sdn. Bhd. The company markets and distributes extensive lines of plastic products including industrial plastic pallets and household plastic containers nationwide. We offer a huge selection with affordable price on plastic products. In short we can be your complete source for nearly anything plastic and assist you with our experience in plastic manufacturing. Seng Tat Marketing Sdn. Bhd.'s vision is to become a market leader with entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to enhance people's lifestyle with innovative plastic products.


Toyogo has been the staple brand for industrial and household plastic products. In year 2003 Toyogo was starting to make an impact in the world of logistics as a result of constant development. Seng Tat has developed in tandem with market requirements for all kinds of Toyogo plastic products for storage application mainly lightweight Toyogo plastic pallet , medium and heavy duty pallets, regular rack able pallet or drive in beam racking pallets, recycle or food grade pallets.

Seng Tat has always been holding up firmly on household plastic wares. Our selection of premium and disposable Toyogo plastic wares are sure to fit the bill for your household kitchen wares. Whether you are up to catering events or up to addition to your dining line our plastic wares will definitely suit your household needs. Disposable plastic wares from our stores are all biodegradable and environmental friendly.

Plastic pallets are molded of high quality polyethylene with high density ratings. Our plastic pallets are durable, able to withstand pressures from steam and freezer operations. It comes in a variety of dimensions and colors. Plastic pallets are normally used in grocery, publishers, automotive industries etc for material handling purposes. We make sure our plastic pallets are durable for repetitive usage in heavy industrial applications.

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